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What is the dating card deck?

It's a set of cards designed to help couples, friends, and families deepen their connection through fun and meaningful questions and activities.

Who is this dating card deck for?

It's perfect for couples at any stage of their relationship, whether you're just starting out or have been together for years. It’s also great for family outings, game nights and vacations.

How do you use the dating card deck?

Simply shuffle the deck, draw a card, and take turns answering the questions.

How many cards are in the deck?

The deck contains 100 cards, providing a wide range of questions.

What type of questions are included?

The questions range from light and fun to deep and thought-provoking, covering topics like dreams, values, and shared experiences.

Can the card deck be used more than once?

Yes, the questions can spark different conversations each time, making it reusable for ongoing engagement.

Is this card deck suitable for long-distance relationships?

Absolutely! You can use video calls to draw and answer the questions together.

Is the card deck appropriate for all ages?

Yes, it is designed for adults of all ages, ensuring content is suitable and engaging.

Can this deck help improve our relationship?

Many couples find that using the deck enhances communication, understanding, and intimacy.

Where can I purchase the dating card deck?

You can buy it directly from our website